Apple’s Iphone 14

After the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 14, the most curious issue was the satellite connected emergency system. This feature, which allows to call for help in an emergency without the need for cellular data, is soon meeting with iPhone users.

Emergency satellite link system arriving at the end of November
Apple announced that it will launch the new emergency system, which it has put into use with an investment of 450 million dollars, at the end of this month. In a statement made by the company during the day, he stated that iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models will be able to communicate with emergency services via satellite in late November.

When Apple’s new service becomes active, it will allow it to send text messages to emergency services via satellite and share information about their status with emergency contacts. The company states that in clear weather, messages will arrive via satellite in as little as 15 seconds.

Although the coverage area is developing day by day, the company states that there is little or no signal, especially in some regions, and that help can be called from almost anywhere in the world with the satellite connection to be established by iPhone models.

Apple also underlines that the new satellite connection system is only for emergency uses. For this system, which is active when you do not have access to any cellular data from any operator, a suitable environment must be created for it to work efficiently.

The technology giant emphasizes that for this system to work, it needs to be in the open area, and states that hills, mountains, canyons and high structures can prevent satellite connection. However, it is really important to be able to reach the satellite connection when you are in a difficult situation in an open area.

Apple will activate this feature by releasing an iOS 16 software update before the end of November. To begin with, this will be available exclusively to iPhone 14 or 14 Pro users in the US and Canada, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. In China, Hong Kong and Macau, the satellite link system will not be available.